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hello world!

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Hello World!  This is my first blog post on Bite Me Industries.

On this blog my goal is to create a renaissance revival in fresh ingredient cooking.  Why? Because it’s more nutritious and delicious. Society has slowly been losing the art of cooking over the last five decades.  If we lose the ability to admire what natures brings us, we diminish our full potential as humans, and it erodes at cultures for which timeless arts become lost when they are not passed on.  This is true with food.  I once had someone ask, did you make these mashed potatoes with real potatoes.  It shocked me that a simple task appeared as a novelty.  We have forgotten cherishable habits like bread making, using fresh herbs, and building flavor from scratch. The truth is, real ingredients taste really good!  This is dedicated to my daughters and those who want to learn about the savory side of my life and other sweet creations, not related to www.RubySnap.com cookie recipes *wink* *wink* No worries! I make many other yummy sweets.    

Why Bite Me Industries? I love animated children’s movies and one movie that was fun for me was Robots, I like the character Rodney Copperbottom who aspires to work for Bigweld Industries. The owner Mr. Bigweld is a happy jolly fellow, whose motto of his character is “see a need, fill a need!” and that is a magical statement.  This blog fills a need by creating a space for learning.  Fast forward to the future, I started a bakery in 2008 that was running very successfully until one very big billion-dollar corporation, whom I am not permitted to name, took our trademark away.  It was at that point, and in my silly humor, that I decided to rename the bakery Bite Me Industries.  Haha!  Well that didn’t actually happen, we called it RubySnap and you can find us at www.RubySnap.com , I did however, name a cookie after one of the characters in Robots, Piper “like viper”,  a Lime Whiskey Sour cookie.  My love of fresh began with my journey of making sweets from all fresh hand prepared ingredients, excluding yucky stuff like shortening, preservatives, and processed items.  We only use fresh fruit, veggies, clean nut butters, hormone free butter, whole vanilla beans, and so forth.  This love carries over into my home life, where my husband and I prefer to cook for each other at home from scratch. Trust me, that makes eating out on date night difficult because we love our own cooking.

Thank you for stopping in, I look forward to building a savory future together that will empower you to cook like a chef.

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